For general questions on membership, registration, and programs, please contact the Welcome Center. Membership cancellations can not be submitted though email. To cancel membership please fill out a cancellation form at the Welcome Center.

[email protected]

Please note: this e-mail is not monitored daily. If you need immediate assistance please call the Welcome Center at (920) 887-8811.

Dirk Langfoss
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.103

Ellie Moore
Associate Executive Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.104
Frank Schmitt
Facilites & Property Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.106

Marni Lemmenes
Business Manager
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.107

Hannah Senn
Membership & Marketing Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.110

Andrew Perkins
Health & Wellness Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.114

Jordan Polk
Sports and Program Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.105

Haley Polakowski
Child Care Director
(920) 887-8811, ext.108

Jaime Schmuhl
Child Development Center Coordinator
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.109

Drew Buteyn
Aquatics Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.111

Jill Steinich
Assistant Aquatics Director
[email protected]
(920) 887-8811, ext.122

Carson Roseliep
Horicon Community Recreation Director
(262) 443-6083