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Benefits of Water Fitness

  • Water has 12 times the resistance of air - build strength by moving water.
  • Reduce impact on joints by up to 90%
  • No swimming skills required
  • Improve mood and decrease anxiety
  • Burn calories in a comfortable environment

Participants must be ages 13+ unless otherwise noted

Check our current schedule for class times and days

NEW! Deep Water High Intensity Water Fitness Saturday 11:00-11:50am

Competitive Pool Take it up a level! A high energy, high intensity, no impact workout targeting all the major muscles. This class, for all levels of experience, begins with a brief warm-up, moves right into strength training then 20-30 minutes of cardio/interval training and finishes off with a relaxing comprehensive cooldown. With regular attendance, you WILL improve your flexibility, balance, range of motion, core strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance. Multiple pieces of pool equipment will be used in each class to enhance your workout. No swim experience is necessary, but comfort in deep water is a must. Flotation belts are provided by the YMCA and must be worn during this class.

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Intermediate Water Aerobics

Low intensity exercise for new exercisers, active older adults and anyone looking to strengthen and stretch in the pool.

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Deep Water Aqua Jog

Use the water’s natural resistance to increase cardiovascular endurance, and strengthen and tone major muscle groups. A workout for those comfortable in deep water. Float belts provided.

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Low Impact Water Aerobics

For people of all ages and abilities. Each participant has the option of having their blood pressure and pulse taken by an experienced instructor.
(Blood pressure and pulse measurements based on instructor availability.)

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Water Aerobics

Make the most of the resistive qualities of water to help increase your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness level and muscle strength. Perfect for first-time exercisers, currently active, or those looking for a good workout. Class is taught in chest deep water.

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High Intensity Water Aerobics

Get a great aerobic workout while exercising to your favorite dance tunes! This is a HIGH ENERGY class designed to work your entire body, that will leave you energized!

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