Workplace Wellness

Bring Health & Wellness to Your Workplace or Bring Them to the Y!

Workplace Wellness includes:
One-week FREE Membership, discounted membership rates (after employer and YMCA of Dodge County contributions), and FREE annual on-site lunch-and-learn.

How Workplace Wellness Partnership works:

  • Becoming a Workplace Wellness Partner is FREE and can be customized to meet your companies needs
  • No minimum number of employees required to participate
  • Your company will determine and provide a subsidy for each employee membership and the Y will match 50% of that subsidy up to $10

Why offer on-site classes?
Job related stress costs US Industries billions of dollars in absenteeism, diminished production, employee turnover, along with accidents, medical, legal and insurance fees. Physical activity has been shown to improve overall well-being, passing the savings on to you!

Lunch-and-Learn allows employees learn while eating lunch! Employees bring a sack lunch to eat and have the opportunity to learn about a health topic such as strength training, flexibility, stress reduction, yoga, etc. The Lunch-and-Learn includes a twenty-minute office-friendly workout.

For more information on our Workplace Wellness Program contact the Y at (920) 887-8811.