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Splash into savings when you join by June 10!
New Family Membership:$58/month
Young Adult Membership:$30/month

When you join the Y, you're not just becoming a member, you're joining a cause!

At the Y, we're here working with you, making sure that you, your family and community have the resources and support needed to learn, grow and thrive. People come to the Y for many reasons. To find an outlet for their preschooler's high energy. To find help and guidance in losing and maintaining a healthy weight. New to town and looking to meet new people. What ever your reason, we welcome you to the Y!


  1. Names and birth dates of all family members that will be on the membership.
  2. Verification of banking information. A voided check or a letter from your Banking Institution stating your account number and banks routing number or credit/debit card that you would like to have dues withdrawn from.
  3. Form of payment for pro-rated amount for the month you join (check, credit card or cash).
  4. If your employer is a corporate partner, verification of employment (company ID or current pay-stub).
  5. If you have been approved for Financial Assistance, bring your acceptance letter.
    (Note: Financial Assistance Application must be approved before joining to receive membership rate adjustment!)

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Membership Types

Members have access to the YMCA of Dodge County facility, including free land and water group fitness classes. Specialty classes and programs with fees are offered at a lower rate and program registrations receive priority with earlier registration dates.   Non-Members are limited to those enrolling in a specific YMCA program(s) with privileges based on the program(s) for which you register. General use of the YMCA facilities are not included.

Download Membership Handbook

Membership Types

Initial Rate*Member Loyalty Rate
Youth (Ages 6-12)$25$20
Teen (Ages 13-19)$30$25
Adult (Ages 20-59)**$49$44
Two Adult Household$59$54
Single Adult Household with Children**  $65$60
Two Adult Household with Children***$70$65
Senior (Age 60+)$45$40
Senior Two Adult Household$58$53
Military Discounts

Short Term Membership

(Discounts, Price Adjustments and Guest Passes Do Not Apply)

Membership Type 2 Weeks 30 Days
Teen (Ages 13-19) $20 $40
Adult (Ages 20 - 59) $35 $60
Adult Household with Children $45 $75

Memberhip Payments

  • Membership dues can be paid monthly via automatic bank draft, credit/debt card (starting 4/10/19) or annually.
  • Memberships will require a voided check or letter from your Banking Institution stating your account number and the bank's routing number if you are signing up for a Y Membership via bank draft.
  • Annual Memberships can be paid by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover and can be renewed annually.
  • All membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • There is a $30 fee for each returned payment. Membership may be deactivated until payment is received
  • Use of the YMCA of Dodge County or as an Away Member to a different YMCA is not premitted until payments are made current

Rates subject to change

*Initial Rate is for the first six consecutive months of membership
**Includes membership for one adult and dependents under the age of 5
***Formally “Family Memberships”; these categories include memberships for 2 adults and their dependents ages 5-23 in a household. Please note that whether a household is a “Single” vs. “Two Adult” depends on the number of adults in the household, not the number of adults who will use the Y.

Membership Cancellations

To cancel bank draft memberships, you must give the Y written notice by the 8th of the month to avoid any additional bank drafts.

  • You must provide notice by completing a Membership Cancellation Form at the Welcome Center.

  • New monthly bank draft memberships can be placed on hold for up to 3 continuous months in one calendar year for a $25 administration fee. Please ask the Welcome Center staff for more details.

Guest Passes

Each membership unit receives up to five guest passes every September to be used for prospective members, friends and family. Guests must sign in and present photo ID.

Refer a Friend

Are you interested in saving money? The Y can help! Refer a friend and after their first monthly draft of membership dues you will receive a credit on your membership.

Day Passes

Guests 16 and older must present photo ID. Rates are subject to change. Children 5 and under are included when accompanied by a paying parent/legal guardian; see below.

Pass Type Rate
Youth & Teen (Ages 6-19) $6
Adult (Ages 20-59) $12
Family $20
Senior (Ages 60+) $8
Actively Aging (Ages 55+)
Monday & Friday Only 7:00 am - 11:30 am
Adult Day Pass - 8 Pack $80

Member Away Program

Always Welcome At the Y!

One of the many benefits of being a YMCA member is participation in the AWAY Program. This program is designed to help you maintain your fitness routine while on the road. Whether you will be vacationing with family or traveling for business, stop by our Welcome Center and let us help you find a facility close to your destination and the benefits they extend to visiting Y members.

Coming Soon!
The YMCA of Dodge County will be on the Nationwide Network!